IDfy creates the necessary trust between organizations and individuals for a business environment where engagements and transactions are increasingly virtual with minimal physical interaction between entities.

IDfy is redefining the boundaries of fraud detection through products built on recognition technologies, systems running on data algorithms, and an ability to collate data in realtime from multiple sources.

IDfy started in 2011 and now serves more than 100 clients.

Our growth has been supported by VC firms Blume Ventures and NEA.

With each fraud we catch we deter future fraudsters, making the world that much more honest. It’s work we take seriously.

That’s why, at IDfy, cutting-edge products combine with fool-proof processes executed by committed people to deliver the highest grade fraud detection service in the industry.

Leadership team

Ashok hariharan

Ashok Hariharan


Ashok is a former semi-conductor designer turned strategy consultant. At IDfy, he runs the company but keeps a keen interest on product innovations.

His escape from the world is scuba diving, which he’s been doing since he was 13.

Ashok has an MBA from ISB and a BSEE from Penn State University.
Kaushik shah

Kaushik Shah


Kaushik heads technology at IDfy. As a tech guy, Ruby is his Elixir. And he’s passionate about using technology to solve real-world problems.

He chills to Celtic, Western Classical and Trip Hop music; the Irish musician Enya being his favorite.

Kaushik holds an Engineering degree from Mumbai University.
Wriju ray

Wriju Ray


Wriju was once Director of Life Sciences at British Telecom where he launched the industry’s first R&D cloud service across 11 countries. He handles the business side of things at IDfy.

He is a jazz aficionado and is interested in Impressionist and Post-impressionist paintings.

Wriju has an MBA from INSEAD.
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