Banks and Financial Services

Customer Onboarding in Realtime at Scale

Enterprise-grade solutions for customer identification & verification

How we impact your business 

Reduce Fraud

Identify customers accurately using AI driven ID checks and FaceMatch Solutions

Go Branchless

Verify customers remotely over live video with API driven virtual solutions

Improve Conversions

Reduce drop-offs with realtime verification and instant onboarding 

Stay Compliant

Meet KYC and AML regulations  norms

Industry segments we impact




Mutual Funds and AMCs




Stock Brokers

Processes we make safe and efficient


Opening Accounts

Instant and remote opening of Current and Savings Bank Accounts, Mutual Funds, Wallets, Cryptocurrencies


Issuing Credit cards

Instant verification for instant processing of credit card


processing loans

Faster and safer processing of Personal Loans, PayDay Loans, and Business Loans


Merchant onboarding

Onboard merchants remotely on live video


underwriting Risks

Instant checks and live video solutions for risk underwriting

Our Solutions, Products and APIs

Profile Gateway

A single sign-on, plug-n-play solution encompassing the customer onboarding process.

Profile Gateway is a single pipe to access all of IDfy’s products and APIs including the Aadhaar XML journey, Video KYC, and Face Identification and Document Verification APIs.

Video KYC

Live video platform to onboard customers remotely with integrated APIs for document checks, 

Face Match, Aadhaar XML, and location checks. 


IDfy’s Video KYC solution is of two types

1) Agent assisted: Where an agent guides the customer over a live call 

2) Self-serve: Where the customer completes the process unassisted

Face Solutions

AI-driven face-based identification solutions identify and authenticate individuals from their pictures. 


FaceMatch compares the faces on two separate pictures (or documents) to confirm they are the same person.  


FaceValidation checks and confirms if the person in the picture is live or it’s a picture of a picture. 

Document Solutions

Document Image Validation
Improves ‘Right First Time’ rate by early red-flagging of incorrect ID or poor quality image

PAN Card Solutions
Instant PAN Card validation including OCR-based data extraction (OCR-based) and verification of details from government database

Driver’s License (D/L) Solutions
Instant Driver’s License validation including OCR-based data extraction (OCR-based) and verification of details from government database Vehicle Registration Certificate verification from government database

Aadhaar Card Solutions
Masking of Aadhaar card number to make it usable as a proof of identity OCR-based extraction of details from Aadhaar card Reading Aadhaar XML file, verifying digital signature, validating generation date

Voter ID Card Solutions

Instant Voter ID card validation including OCR-based data extraction (OCR-based) and verification of details from government database

Other documents

NACH form - NACH form identification for account opening, validates quality of image, fixes alignment, and crops signature

Passport - Extracts data using OCR

GST Certification - Extracts data and verifies details

Cheque OCR - Extracts data from a cheque

Why trust IDfy for your mission critical processes

Built to scale, handle surge volumes, with gold standard data security and infrastructure support 

Enterprise Grade

Solutions Approach

End-to-end solutions for technology-led process transformations

Operations Capability

Teams and processes set up to run backend data and transaction operations for clients 

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