Blog Overview Chronicles Background verification for gig workers: Struggling with Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) delays?

Background verification for gig workers: Struggling with Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) delays?

Background verification for gig workers: Struggling with Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) delays?

Background Verification for Gig Workers is an important aspect as the safety of your customers and community depends a lot on the quality of your employees.

Are they genuine, authentic, and honest? Do they have a history they are hiding from you? Do they pose a risk to your company’s credibility that you are unaware of?

These are questions no organization can ignore. More so in today’s world of cut-throat competition and intense public scrutiny. 

Background Verification for Gig Workers such as commercial drivers, restaurant workers, school & clinic  workers etc. is a challenge.

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) has been a go-to method for the industry in ensuring they are not hiring someone with a criminal background. However, it’s a process that has crucially affected the efficiency of many companies.

The  PCC process is time-consuming and can take as long as 45 days. The profile of Blue Collar workers typically take up the first job that comes their way. In 45 days, most of these people have already taken up employment elsewhere.

Here are some major challenges of Background Verification for Gig Workers in obtaining Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

  • The process is not standardized in all the states. The requirements are often vague which leads to chaos and processing errors
  • The typical PCC applicant is not comfortable with Digital forms. Often, they lack the required documents with the applicant 
  • Centralized databases are relatively new and thus not fully developed which increases the chances of error due to lack of complete information, data manipulation and coordination 
  • Rigid specifications in document requirements make the process difficult  
  • There is no parameter to measure the credibility of the resource assigned on a particular PCC process 
  • There is no set method to validate or verify a PCC report 

Overall, with a tentative Turn-Around-Time (TAT) of 15-45 days, the loss of time can lead to losing out on a potential  candidate and errors in the process can lead to security threats. In addition, the company’s efforts are wasted. 

What’s the alternative to PCC?

A series of independent checks can give you a comprehensive view of the candidate’s background, keeping you safe while allowing you to hire credible candidates within 3-5 days.  

ID checks: Realtime ID verifications – including Aadhaar, Driver’s License, PAN – will immediately verify the credentials of the candidate. 

Current and Permanent address checks – Critical for you to trace the person in case something goes wrong 

Criminal Court records check of both the current and permanent address – With online court records now available, one can check the database for any matches with your candidates

Global Database check where more than 250 databases are globally scrapped – Again, this list gives a good look up for any criminal history

Local Police check – Visit to the local police station can give an immediate status of the person’s police records

All of these can be done in a matter  of 3-5 days, helping you quickly hire the people showing up as ‘Good to hire’ through these checks. .  

Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce company, uses this process to keep their customers, employees, and brand safe from serious potential damage. We know this because we do it for them. 

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