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Technical Lead/Module Lead – PH/DC

Why settle for a good job when you can have a great one

A great job satisfies your craving for intellectual challenge and creative energy. It fulfils your need to see your work impact the world in a meaningful way. It catalyses your development and personal growth. All this over and above financial factors like a good salary, benefits, and growth potential. 

That’s what IDfy offers you. The opportunity to build products that will bring 3 Billion people into the formal economy in the next 5 years. Products that drive financial inclusion for the genuine while keeping businesses protected from fraud. A work environment that propels you to continuously learn, innovate, and grow. 

Preferred Experience: 7-12 years 


Who are we looking for?

IDfy is looking for engineers with a minimum of 7 years of experience with


  1. An understanding of product development methodologies
  2. Strong design skills in defining API data contracts / OOAD / microservices / data models
  3. An in-depth knowledge of either Elixir, GoLang, or Python, with a good understanding of OOPs and concurrency concepts
  4. Sound knowledge of ‘User Interface’ development using modern web frameworks such as React
  5. An experience in developing cloud software using GCP / AWS
  6. Passion to explore new technologies and express yourself through technical blogs
  7. An optimistic attitude, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills

Your job description:

  1. Leading a team of technologists with a hands-on approach
  2. Work break-down and orchestrating the development of components for each sprint
  3. Identifying risks and forming contingency plans to overcome them
  4. Working with team members, management body, and clients to ensure competent project completion
  5. Inventing new approaches to detect existing fraud. You will also stay ahead of the game by predicting future fraud techniques and building solutions to prevent them
  6. Developing ‘zero-defect software’ and test cases alongside implementation
  7. Creating design artefacts before implementation
  8. Ensuring that the developed software passes static code analysis, performance and load test
  9. Developing UI Components, APIs, business components, image processing, etc. to simplify user journey and instantly detect fraud 
  10. Developing software using Agile methodology and tools that support the same


What’s it like working at IDfy?

We build products that detect and prevent fraud. At IDfy, you will apply your skills to stay one step ahead of fraudsters. You will be mind-mapping fraudsters’ modus operandi, predicting the evolution of fraud techniques, and designing solutions to prevent new & emerging fraud. 


At IDfy, you will work on the entire end-to-end solution rather than a small cog of a giant wheel.  


Thanks to our problem-centric approach, one in which we find the right technology to solve a problem rather than the other way around, you will always be working on the latest technologies. 


We work hard and party hard. There are weekly sessions on emerging technologies. Workweeks are usually capped off with board games, poker, karaoke, and other fun activities.


This video will give you a flavour of IDfy.


Job Category: Technology
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Mumbai

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Who we are

IDfy is the Fintech ScaleUp of the Year 2021. We build technology products that identify people accurately. This helps businesses prevent fraud and engage with the genuine with the least amount of friction.

If you have opened an account with HDFC Bank or ordered from Amazon and Zomato or transacted through Paytm and BharatPe or played on Dream11 and MPL, you might have already experienced IDfy. Without even knowing it. Well...that’s just how we roll.

IDfy has authenticated 100 million people and aims to help bring half-a-billion people into the formal economy over the next two years.

IDfy’s investors include TransUnion, MegaDelta Capital, BEENEXT, and Dream Incubator. Blume Ventures is an early investor and continues to place their faith in us.

Check out our LinkedIn page to know more.

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