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The best in gaming trust IDfy

The best in gaming trust IDfy

There’s a reason why the best companies in Gaming trust IDfy.

IDfy handles a critical part of the gamer experience that has two opposing forces – the need to be super fast with absolutely no room for error.

Every time a Gamer is withdrawing money, the Gaming company is required to do their KYC (Know Your Customer).

It entails identifying the person by their Government issued ID card, making sure they are allowed by law to play the game, and ensuring that the receiving bank account belongs the identified person. This is important as a means to prevent fraud and money laundering.

However, money withdrawal is also the moment of truth for the Gamer. He can’t wait to see the money hit his bank account. A slow process here can turn the gamer off the platform and on to others who’ve got this part right.

The gamer is required to upload an ID card. IDfy’s APIs extract the data from the ID card and verify the details from Government databases in a matter of seconds.

This clears the way for withdrawal to be completed. While making sure that the transaction is clean, transparent, and legitimate.

IDfy protects its clients from fraud that can cause irreparable business and reputation damage.

IDfy keeps Gaming responsible. That’s why the best in Gaming trust IDfy.


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