Careers @ IDfy

Working at IDfy!

If the force is strong with you and you have always taken the red pill, IDfy is the place for you!
At IDfy we believe in the freedom to think, and this means we expect everyone to engage in constructive debate to build the best company any one of us has worked in. IDfy is a place where creativity, initiative and merit is given the most importance. You don't have to play politics to move up, you just have to be AWESOME.
No one at IDfy is going to ask you to put in your hours, you just have to finish your tasks and more!!!
You will like working here if:
  • You like challenges
  • You like to do more than what is expected of you
  • You are high on ethical standards
  • You believe in excellence
  • You are irreverent
You wont like working here if:
  • You want your boss to tell you what to do
  • You believe in having your tasks assigned to you
  • You like working in a cocoon
  • You believe in hierarchy
We had dreams, and we dreamt big, We created IDfy. IDfy is a place where Mondays are actually Fridays. People don’t want to take days off because working at IDfy is an adventure. It’s a thrill, and take it from us - this ride gives us all a high!
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