Safety Validations

Our APIs run automated and semi-automated checks from public databases while onboarding bluecollor workers and service providers. These checks ensure safety of your customers and communities at large 

Semi-automated database checks

1.Court records

2.Police records

Automated Database Checks

1.Driver's License 

2.Voter Identity Card

Tampering and Forgery Detection

Validating the authenticity of digital document without actually seeing the original can be a risk.Our APIs check for forgery or tampering on a digital document by analyzing pixels,geometric alignments, and object interactions

Optical Character Recognition(OCR) APIs 

Filling up the application form consumes time,especially to correct human errors that require multiple employee re-visits.This leads to increased customer drop offs and customer acquisition cost.

Our OCR APIs extract relevant information from the digital documents to auto-fill the application forms leading to easier employee onboarding 

Face Compare

Our Face Match APIs compare an individual's pictures across 16 parameters to ensure that the person in 2 pictures is the same.

Person Liveness

To reduce chances of impersonation fraud,our Liveness APIs use machine learning algorithms to ensure that a picture is that of a live person and not a picture-of-a-picture reducing chances of impersonation fraud

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