From one PD a day to two an hour, power through the month-end rush

In-Person Visits (IPV) are best left as a last resort now.

Video PD lets you avoid the month-end traveling for low ticket sizes and to remote locations so you can better utilize your time and cut costs. 

We let you take your discussions virtual so you can focus on servicing more loans, quickly. 

And it's exhaustive - our secure call data repository enables in-depth auditing whenever you need. 

IDfy's platform handles over 15,000 video calls every day

IDfy's Video PD Process

1. Customer receives a link and initiates a video call with the credit officer 

2. Manager leads the discussion after performing initial statutory checks

3. If required, manager probes for deeper checks and captures additional documents

4. Call records made available via dashboard for auditing

Increased Productivity

Avoiding travel and physical visits allows you to manage your workflow more efficiently. All while tightening your pockets.

Comprehensive Assessment

Whether you require additional income documents, alternate address proofs, or pictures of customer premises, we provide you with the arsenal to capture and check all you need.

Alignment Across Teams

For loan sizes which demand risk validation, our platform allows both credit & risk managers to conduct PD over the same call, all from the comfort of their respective locations.

Faster TAT

By eliminating the need for IPV, you can process more loan applications consistently and faster, avoiding month-end skewness

What we help you achieve

Features of Video PD


Hyper-accuracy Location API translates lat-long into human readable addresses, allowing you to pinpoint & verify exact addresses of your customers.

FaceMatch and Liveness Checks

Our FaceMatch API ensures that the person in two pictures is the same. Random questions asked by the manager establishes liveness of the customer. These eliminate chances of impersonation fraud.

Audit and Compliance

Our dashboard maintains a time-stamped audit trail so that auditors can track each application with meticulous detail.

Flexible Implementation

While our extensive documentation and support specialists make integration a breeze, we also provide standalone implementation customized to your needs.


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We're secure and compliant 

All communication channels encrypted as per latest industry standards. Stored call records are encrypted with AES256 algorithm. Or let's say we're impenetrable. 

We comply with data localization norms. All servers are hosted in India and our data never leaves the country at any point during the journey.


"Partnering with IDfy has helped us provide an uninterrupted, hassle-free user experience, especially at the KYC stage," 
- Bhavit Sheth, co-founder, Dream11

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