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EPFO Employee Verification

IDfy’s EPFO Employee verification API is a non-intrusive and faster check to verify if an employee has worked in an organization during the claimed period of time.


The API allows you to ensure that:

  1. You only employ individuals who are non-fraudulent and have made legitimate claims to working with their previous employers
  2. You only partner with legitimate individuals who have/are related to a different / claimed employer currently or in the past

Prevent human errors

Automated form-filling eliminates errors caused by manual entry of data.

Minimise costs

Reduce back-end operations costs of manual entry and error-fixing.

Onboard faster

Real-time data extraction leads to instant onboarding and service.

Unlocking value for global leaders

How it works

Provide the name of the employee, establishment code, month and year of claim as input, and you’ll receive multiple data points that help you mitigate risk.

Establishment status
Number of employees
Employee status

Unlocking value for global leaders


99.97% Accurate

Easy integration

Instant results

99.9% uptime

A one-time, trouble-free integration

Our industry-leading API easily gets integrated with your existing workflows and processes.


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