Real Money Gaming

IDfy helps Real Money Gaming companies verify and authenticate their users in realtime to prevent fraud, money laundering, and improving user experience. 

Proactive fraud protection

Impersonation Fraud Detection

Our FaceMatch APIs compare a user's pictures across 16 parameters to make sure they are of the same person. Our Liveness APIs check if a picture is original and not a ‘picture of a picture’. These two combine to completely chances of impersonation fraud.

Forgery Detection

With systems running on machine learning algorithms we detect if an uploaded ID card image is original or forged by analyzing pixels, geometric alignments, and object interactions.

Instant Verifications

Our Verification APIs run realtime checks across government and public databases to instantly and securely recognize the user.

Two-click onboarding

Fraud-free Onboarding

We initiate onboarding with just two pictures from the user - a picture of an ID card and a selfie.

Automated Form Filling

Our APIs extract information from images of ID card using optical character recognition (OCR) to auto-fill onboarding forms saving time and eliminating human errors.

Gaming companies prefer IDfy because

We catch

fraud early

We detect fraud early and help gaming companies verify user data to prevent money laundering

We handle high volumes

Our APIs allow gaming companies manage high volumes even in gaming seasons

We do realtime digital verifications

An online workflow with realtime results ensures that the gaming experience of the user remains unaffected by the money withdrawal process 



The rise of Real Money Gaming in India

Real Money Gaming has evolved from niche to mainstream Indian Pop Culture. Laws, digitization and connectivity are backbone of this growth.

With Insights from - Nishith Desai Associates 


IDfy is verifying lakhs of IPL fans every week

IDfy helps in ID checks of Dream-11 customers before they withdraw money.

Bhavit Sheth, Co-Founder and COO of Dream11, said, “IPL is a very active period for us as we acquire a large number of new users. Partnering with IDfy has helped us provide uninterrupted and hassle-free user experience, especially at the KYC stage.”


Five global examples of Gaming frauds

Five interesting lessons which Indian companies need to learn from


Includes 'William Hill Group (WHG) fined £6 million for breaching anti-money laundering (AML)'


This ebook explores at the exponential growth of Real Money Gaming in India. It highlights the ambiguities around regulations in the sector, spots near-term and long-term trends, and details out the challenges this sector might face.

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Towards a world

without fraud.

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