Onboard users from over 95 countries on one unified platform.

Focus on growing your business and leave the identity verification to the experts. Onboard users from over 95 countries within seconds and configure custom journeys with ID verifications, document verification, face matching, fraud detection and so much more.

Digital Banking companies onboarding with IDfy

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Why Partner with us:

World’s smartest identity verification and onboarding platform.


IDfy’s unified platform comes with all identification, authentication, and verification checks integrated into video and app-based digital workflows, enabling remote onboarding of genuine people. Equipped with the highest grade encryption and security features, IDfy’s platform is built to scale infinitely and drive rapid expansion and large scale implementations.

10 million verifications every month

500 clients

Digital processes

Remote verifications

Enterprise-grade technology platform

How it works

Platform Features

Any Document Accept

Support and accept any document and not just ID cards from over 95 countries.

Device Agnostic

Works on any mobile, desktops and tablets.

Customisable journeys

Configure customised video or app-based journeys for each user and go live instantly.


Integrates seamlessly with your platform with no software development required.

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