IDfy keeps Insurers safe from claims and identity fraud, helps improve customer quality and facilitates a realtime customer onboarding experience.

Data-driven decisions


FraudSense helps Insurers reduce cost, improve the quality of their customer pipeline, and make it easier to reduce claims. 

FraudSense is designed to catch fraud that went undetected in conventional techniques by evaluating the customer across a host of new and emerging fraud parameters.

FraudSense maps spots and analyzes symptoms of fraud and uses them to generate a composite fraud score that facilitates informed risk decisions.

Proactive fraud protection

Impersonation Fraud Detection

Our FaceMatch APIs compare a customer's pictures across 16 parameters and our Liveness APIs check if a picture is original and not a ‘picture of a picture’. These two combine to completely chances of impersonation fraud.

Forgery Detection

With systems running on machine learning algorithms we detect image forgery and tampering fraud by analyzing pixels, geometric alignments, and object interactions.

Instant Verifications

Our Verification APIs run realtime checks across government and public databases to instantly and securely recognize the customer.

Two-click customer onboarding

Fraud-free Onboarding

We initiate customer onboarding with just two pictures from the candidate - a picture of an ID card and a selfie.

Automated Form Filling

Our APIs extract information from images of ID card using optical character recognition (OCR) to auto-fill onboarding forms saving time and eliminating human errors.

Insurers prefer IDfy because

We reduce

claims fraud

Using breakthrough technology applications we proactively detect chances of claims fraud while our innovation engine continuously updates our products to emerging fraud techniques.

We eliminate

‘Death Before Policy’

Using a combination of Face Validation and Face Match, we ensure that a policy is issued to someone who’s alive eliminating any possibility of a ‘Death Before Policy’ case.

We reduce abandoned transactions

We combine our simple onboarding initiation with automated form filling and image quality detection at the onboarding stage reducing abandoned transactions due to customer revists.



How Identity Scamsters Trap Victims

Five shocking stories on how identity frauds trap victims. 

Includes examples of scamsters pretending to be bank representatives, stealing social media profiles, and colluding with verification agents.


Reducing Customer Drop-offs for Financing Major

IDfy's EVE APIs help a financing major reduce customer drop offs by 40% with technology solutions that enable rapid and fraud-free onboarding while delivering a great customer experience.


Digital KYC in 5 Seconds

Using a combination of APIs and face recognition softwares running on machine algorithms, digital KYC is a 5 second operation. Even without Aadhaar-based authentication.

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Fighting Life Insurance Fraud

This 32 page e-book provides an in-depth insight into various kinds of insurance frauds, changing regulatory landscapes and ways for fraud prevention and control.


It also sheds a spotlight on how Al and machine learning are deciding the future of the life insurance industry


This is a must-read for executives in Insurance and Financial Services sectors 

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Towards a world

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