Network Requirements

Network Requirements

Best Practices – Network


Video calling is a bandwidth intensive activity. To ensure a smooth experience, please follow these network related best practices –

  1. Use a dedicated network for video calling

  2. Ideal bandwidth for every agent -500kbps

  3. Minimum bandwidth for every agent -300kpbs



  1. Use Google Chrome – latest version (minimum version 76)

  2. Ensure you have not opened another tab while taking the video call which might be consuming a lot of bandwidth or might be accessing your camera


Device & Operating System

  1. Use Windows 10 and above

  2. Ensure your device is not running something in background that maybe using your bandwidth or accessing your camera/microphone



One agent getting lot of network issues

  • Likely reason would be network fluctuations – ensure agent is in good network

  • Is the agent on the latest chrome version? On older versions, the bandwidth consumption will be higher


Call not getting connected right from beginning

  • Ensure the network is good

  • Ensure that the IP is not getting blocked. This could happen for only some of the IPs, in which case some calls will succeed and others won’t.


Call not getting connected right from beginning – loader with whitescreen

  • This happens when the user puts the browser in the background or the phone goes to sleep while he or she is waiting for the call to connect

  • Ask the user to come back and ensure that he or she stays on the wait page ensuring the screen doesn’t sleep


Audio issues

  • Has the customer muted his call?

  • Did the agent mute the call?

  • Is the agent microphone/headphone malfunctioning?

  • Do you also not see the video? In that case, it might be because of network issues


Lots of users not carrying the required documents

  • Is the package rightly configured, are the details clearly mentioned in the user-flow? Changes to this text can help a lot in reducing the UTVs because of this reason

  • Are the documents/items required difficult to get? For example, red ink pen


Screenshot is always coming as blurred or instant disconnect on screenshot attempt

  • This happens on some devices where the camera doesn’t work efficiently while the video stream is on. In such cases, if the customer keeps coming back on the same device, he/she will keep getting this error. Ask the customer to join back from a different device


Screenshot is taking a lot of time to load


  • This happens when the customer’s network is really poor. Since the priority is given to the video and audio of the customer, screenshot takes up the remaining available bandwidth

  • Wait for maximum 60 seconds after you capture the screenshot. If it is taking longer than that, ask the customer to come on a better network. Clearly mention to the customer that if he/she comes back on the same network, the same issue may keep happening


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