P2P Marketplaces and Online Communities

IDfy keeps P2P Marketplaces and Online Communities safe with digital authentication of members while making onboarding a seamless part of their website

Proactive fraud protection

Impersonation Fraud Detection

Our FaceMatch APIs compare a customer's pictures across 16 parameters and our Liveness APIs check if a picture is original and not a ‘picture of a picture’. These two combine to completely chances of impersonation fraud.

Forgery Detection

With systems running on machine learning algorithms we detect image forgery and tampering fraud by analyzing pixels, geometric alignments, and object interactions.

Instant Verifications

Our Verification APIs run realtime checks across government and public databases to instantly and securely recognize the customer.

Two-click member onboarding

Fraud-free Onboarding

We initiate onboarding with just two pictures from the member - a picture of an ID card and a selfie.

Our APIs extract information from images of ID card using optical character recognition (OCR) to auto-fill onboarding forms saving time and eliminating human errors.

Marketplaces and Communities prefer IDfy because

Failsafe Digital Verifications

We detect identity fraud and forgery at the onboarding stage with instant ID checks.

Realtime member authentication

Deploying APIs at the onboarding center allows on-demand companies manage high volume turnouts.

Contact Point Verification Support

Our nationwide network connected with technology powers rapid expansion through multi-city rollouts.



Ways Identity Frauds Trap Victims

Five shocking stories of how identity scamsters trap victims. 

Includes stories on faking identity on matrimonial sites and creating social media profiles using a stolen identity.


The Unfunny Side of Tampered Images

While tampered images give us plenty of daily laughs on the internet, not every doctored image is laughable. Image tampering is becoming a major issue for businesses globally. And how this menace can be fought.


Five Ways Stolen PAN Details Can Be Misused

A quick look at some crimes that have been committed using forged PAN cards.


This 17-page research paper decodes different types of image tampering, explores various detection techniques, and reveals secrets from the machine learning world on how to spot tampering and protect yourself from it.

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