Make sure only students avail of your student-only offers

Stop fake students from cheating you of your student memberships, offers, and discounts

Problems we solve for you

Middlemen taking student offers and re-selling at lower than retail price

Fake students forging student IDs to use student offers

“Marketers are forced to choose between accepting a standard fraud percentage vs customer experience.”

Benefits For You

Allow only legitimate students to join your student community

Identity fraud with legitimate student IDs

Identify and detect forged IDs

easy integration

Detect and prevent sign-ups with fake email IDs

Avoid customer drop offs due to long turnaround time

Digital ID verification

Comprehensive student verification solution with quick turnaround time to prevent any drop-offs

Student submits

Student takes picture of ID and a live selfie and submits both

IDfy verifies

Forgery detection

Extraction of data from ID

Name Match between ID and database

Face Match between picture on ID and live selfie

Email ID validation

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