Re-KYC Made Easy

Reward your best customers with a smooth and socially distanced Re-KYC experience over a video call.

Video Re-KYC is a single-click video call journey which completes the KYC updation of your low-risk customers in less than 90 seconds.

The RBI has green-lit the use of video for Re-KYC. Your customers do not need to visit the branch or submit physical documents when using Video Re-KYC.

IDfy's platform handles over 15,000 video calls everyday

IDfy's Video Re-KYC Process

  • Customer receives link and initiates video call with an agent

  • Agent takes live pictures of documents and the customer

  • Agent runs real-time verification of documents and the customer

  • Video call records made available for audit via dashboard

Champion the distanced world

IDfy's Video Re-KYC allows you to provide your customers with an unparalleled customer experience from the comfort of their homes

Service Customers Instantly

With KYC updation completed in minutes, IDfy's Video Re-KYC allows you to redefine operational efficiency

Complies with Regulations

IDfy's Video Re-KYC complies with all KYC and AML norms set by the RBI and SEBI 

Pre-empt fraud

Prevent fraud such as misuse of pension funds using digital documents

Benefits Delivered 

Developer friendly

Our extensive documentation & integration specialists will make go-live a breeze. 


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Security Protocol

We use communication channels encrypted through API tokens. Payload and data at rest stored encrypted with AES256 algorithm. We also use penetration testing, on-demand and auto-purge policy.

Developer Friendly

Our extensive documentation & integration specialists will make go-live a breeze. 

Training & Support

We understand Ops. We run our own call-centers and know what it takes to get the agents up and running efficiently. Ask our rep about our L1, L2 and L3 support for Video KYC


"We are glad to partner with IDfy at a time when the industry is re-imagining the future of banking" 
- Arvind Ronta, Product Head, VISA
(IDfy's Video KYC Partner)

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How to onboard more customers using Video KYC

We ran Video KYC operations on our Video KYC platform. In one month, we saw a 3x rise in agent call completions. Here's how we did it.


IDfy is one of Asia's Top 5 Regulatory Technology companies

IDfy recognized as one of Asia's Top 5 and world’s top 100 most innovative companies in Regulatory Technologies (RegTech). 


Video KYC success factors nobody talks about

Since the world went into this pandemic-induced lockdown, banks and financial institutions have accelerated their adoption of Video KYC. With good reasons too.

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