Our AI-driven fraud detection systems for employee background verifications help insure your organization’s future by ensuring employee integrity.

Proactive fraud protection

Impersonation Fraud Detection

Our FaceMatch APIs compare a customer's pictures across 16 parameters and our Liveness APIs check if a picture is original and not a ‘picture of a picture’. These two combine to completely chances of impersonation fraud.

Forgery Detection

With systems running on machine learning algorithms we detect image forgery and tampering fraud by analyzing pixels, geometric alignments, and object interactions.

Instant Verifications

Our verification APIs run realtime checks across a host of public and government databases to return realtime verification results.


Tech-enabled Verifications

Our set of comprehensive, tech-enabled processes for background checks across multiple sources ensure authenticity of an individual's data and information.

Comprehensive Verifications

Our verification list covers an employee's education, employment, court records, police records, reference checks, and rich / social media checks.

Recruiters prefer IDfy because

We catch

frauds early

We detect identity, forgery and picture related fraud at the onboarding stage. Our Instant ID checks save time and effort in interviewing fake candidates. 

We help employees smoothly onboard

Our app-based form and document submission process ensures to give employees a seamless onboarding experience.

We put our clients

in control

Our state-of-the-art HR portal provides realtime data, updates and alerts, and provides clients anytime access to detailed reports on every employee profile.



Big Companies That Paid a Price for BGV Fails

Stories of big companies like JP Morgan Chase, Target, William Hill, and Uber that paid a heavy price for failed background verifications. 

Examples businesses can always learn from.


The Unfunny Side of Tampered Images

While tampered images are providing plenty of laughs on the internet everyday, not all tampered images are with honest intentions.


Here we explore different techniques fraudsters are using to tamper images.


Keep Calm and Fight Fraud

Four amazing videos about fraud and fighting fraud. 

Includes 'Understanding a Fraudster' by Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope and 'A new way to stop Identity Fraud' by David Birch.


This 17-page research paper decodes different types of image tampering, explores various detection techniques, and reveals secrets from the machine learning world on how to spot tampering and protect yourself from it.

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Towards a world

without fraud.

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