“Complaints about Teacher Quality is the biggest challenge EdTechs are facing today.”
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The best EdTechs are taking Teacher Verifications seriously

The increase in demand for online education is leading to onboarding of teachers at a rapid pace in large numbers. This, in turn, is causing problems with the quality of teachers. 


The best EdTechs in the business are conducting thorough background and reference checks to ensure the teacher is qualified and meets their standards. 


For EdTechs expanding overseas, Teacher Verifications is a compliance mandate that cannot be ignored. 

Preventing Login-sharing and Middlemen

How do you know that your one student’s login credentials aren’t being shared by multiple people? It’s a loss that several EdTechs are now taking  steps to avoid. 

At the start of a session, the student’s live selfie can be compared with the picture on record to ensure it’s the same person’s. IDfy’s Face Solutions does that and also does a Liveness check to confirm that the selfie submitted is actually live. 

During assessment, evaluations and examinations, IDfy’s Face solutions will confirm the student’s identity ensuring that the right person has written the examinations.

This prevents a middleman getting a qualified person to write the tests and then selling the certificates fraudulently. 


Complications in the registration and document submission process can cause delays and drop-offs. 

IDfy takes over this entire process, making it remote, digital, and a one-time smooth journey. 

IDfy’s solution

Are the students enrolling into the course who they claim to be?


To ensure your institution’s reputation, it is important that those studying have the right backgrounds and credentials. This makes background verification of students important. IDfy’ Education and Employment record checks ensure that your students are exactly who they claim to be.


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