Complete your KYC without needing to meet the customer

Achieve regulatory compliance with 90% savings over physical verifications costs.​​

IDfy’s Video KYC

IDfy’s Video KYC involves a live video session with a user that establishes their presence during the KYC transaction, confirms their identity (as per the government ID card) and records it for the purpose of audit and compliance.


IDfy's Video KYC has a ready-to-use, pluggable user interface that easily integrates with any system. The set of randomized activities for the user are customizable to prevent chances of fraud during remote KYC. 


IDfy’s Video KYC generates an audit trail in video form as opposed to photos and documents.


Video KYC is widely accepted by regulators across the world.

Simplest user experience

Fastest onboarding

IDfy’s Video KYC solution automates the user experience of capturing the live video. It eliminates the need for a call center and the associated costs. Thus,

1. The user does not need to connect to a call center agent. This means lower drop-offs. 

2. The user does not need to make a prior appointment. They can complete their KYC at their own convenience.

IDfy’s Video KYC enables quick KYC outcomes and swift onboarding -

1. It authenticates the user's identity by matching the face in the video against the ID card

2. It establishes the user’s live presence in the video

IDfy’s Video KYC Process


Video Capture (IDfy-powered web journey)

1. User provides consent and performs web activities  

2. User initiates video and the video is streamed in real-time


Automated Checks and Expert Reviews

1. Automated checks - Face Comparison, Face Consistency, Forgery Detection, Liveness

2. Expert reviews machine results and checks for video activity accuracy



1. Results of all checks and reviews shared in API response

2. Downloadable video link shared with client for audit and compliance purposes

IDfy Video KYC Features

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IDFy's Video KYC to Reduce Cost by 90%: Economic Times

“IDfy has launched a video KYC method to help service entities collect full user documentation through live video and reduce cost by more than 90%.”


IDfy is a Global Top 100 Company in Regulatory Technologies 

IDfy recognized as one of world’s top 100 most innovative companies in Regulatory Technologies (RegTech). 


Digital KYC reduces KYC cost by 85%

Digital KYC reduces the cost of KYC by 85%, slashes customer onboarding time from 4 days to 1, and helps organizations onboard customers from remote areas.

E-book: Aadhaar XML Verification 

The most authoritative and exhaustive 18-page ebook on Offline Aadhaar Verification using XML format, popularly known as Aadhaar XML.

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