Webinar: The Power of Digitising Merchant Onboarding

Convert 95% more merchants and minimize onboarding time

IDfy x Paynamics On-Demand Webinar: Now Available

Tired of merchant drop-offs due to poor processes? Want to simplify your merchant journey? Want to know how you can speed up daily operations with them? Digitizing your merchant journey is the key!


Learn how businesses in emerging markets are using simple plug-and-play solutions to onboard merchants digitally. These solutions are allowing them to convert 95% more merchants while saving 90% of their time and cost.




Wriju Ray



Mylene Chua-Magleo

CEO & Co-founder, Paynamics

What’s inside this webinar:

  1. Why do merchants drop-off during the onboarding process
  2. How digital solutions can help you increase merchant conversions
  3. How ‘digital payment acceptance’ infrastructure can boost your business growth
  4. How e-payments and value-added services can help your business grow
  5. LIVE demo of a digital merchant onboarding journey

The webinar will conclude with an interactive Q&A session with the speakers.


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