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Bank Account Verification

With the Bank Account Verification solution, you can now onboard with confidence knowing that that the individual’s/ merchant’s account details you have are genuine and indeed belong to the individual/ merchant that you are onboarding, thereby reducing the potential of fraud.


Couple it with our Cheque OCR API to make your bank account verification process seamless and instant.

Tackle fraud at source

By validating account details during the onboarding process

Automate workflows

Auto-approve clean individuals/ merchants through automation

Onboard faster

Minimize time spent in manual reviews

Unlocking value for global leaders

How it works

Provide a bank account number and IFSC code as input, and you’ll receive multiple data points that help you mitigate onboarding risk.

Bank account verification
Whether the account exists or not
Name of the individual/ entity on bank records

Unlocking value for global leaders

Where you can use it


Individual onboarding

Irrespective of whether an individual is opening an account on a mutual fund platform, taking a loan, creating an account on a cryptocurrency app or a gaming app, or whether they are being onboarded as a new employee in an organization, a bank account verification becomes paramount during the onboarding process.


Merchant/ entity onboarding

When a merchant or an entity is applying for a loan, onboarding on a aggregator platform, or in any other merchant onboarding journey, IDfy’s bank account verification allows you to validate that the merchant is indeed providing you with the correct bank details, thereby reducing potential of fraud.



Verification is done against Government sources



Verification only requires two inputs - account number and IFSC code


TAT of the API is very low, enabling real time verifications

Quick integration

API structure is straightforward, enabling super quick integrations

A one-time, trouble-free integration

Our industry-leading API easily gets integrated with your existing workflows and processes.

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