Know Your KYC

A billion is huge. Really, really huge.That’s how many people are on the U.I.D.A.I.’s Aadhaar database, making it, possibly, one of the world’s largest people information databases. While the Aadhaar scheme has had to battle many challenges in and out of court in the years since its introduction, the recent passage of the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 2016 (“the Aadhaar Act”) by Parliament means that many of these challenges would now be rendered toothless.

The Illusion of Exit Interviews

Exit interviews, as we all know, involve feedback taken from an employee before leaving the company, considered for organisational improvement. Exit interviews are most effective when the data is accurate. The trouble with exit interviews is that few people speak the truth. Some find it hard to believe that their feedback would remain anonymous. Others probably want to set the record straight and perhaps even get back at a few individuals in the organisation.

Employee Retention II – Man and Superman

To predict employee retention, we need to start with the simple question – What does the perfect employee look like? This isn’t merely someone who has been around for donkeys’ years – not everyone who has stuck around for a long time is desirable! You are really looking for the mythical super hero who scales the corporate ladder really fast and then never leaves until they retire! Such a person will serve as an organisational benchmark. It will let you decide who to hire and who to retain. Therefore it is quite important to find such a person.