Flattening the Recruitment Slope

In the beginning, there was a founder who attracted his core team through manufactured hope and chicanery. Then began the arduous climb up the slope of recruitment. This blog post is about the steps you might take to flatten the recruitment slope – in other words, how to reduce your hiring costs

How Tech can transform your recruitment process

Hiring is complicated, I’m sure you’d agree! Wouldn’t it be better if computers could do everything and we didn’t need to hire at all? They are already driving people around, soon they’ll be building new systems by automatically writing code for you. Maybe someday we can replace all these humans who are just clogging the streets. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

The Murky World of Consumer-to-Consumer Interactions

Businesses have probably been selling to consumers for as long as business itself has existed. The dynamics and laws that govern such interactions are so well documented that all consumer-centric businesses appear to run in a similar way.