Digging Deeper

The month of May can be cruel – it’s the peak of summer in most parts of India, and being out for even a few minutes in the sun can be gruelling. But the weather isn’t the only thing you should watch out for in May. If you’re a recruiter, you should be paying extra-close attention to the ‘Experience’ section of resumes that candidates hand over to you.

There is more to Financial Risk than just checking credit ratings!

Financial fraud is all around us. People routinely con banks or simply default on large loans or credit card bills. There are others who take large insurance policies and submit wrong claims. I have had the good fortune of meeting many risk officers and underwriters, and have heard sordid tales of financial crime. The ingenuity of fraudsters never ceases to amaze me. Risk officers and underwriters are forever playing catch-up. Every time they adjust their systems and processes, a new type of fraud emerges!

Better than Vague: Why Data is a Better Hiring Tool than Psychometric Testing

Suppose you’re responsible for hiring at your company, a fast-growing organisation that is causing ripples across the industry, but is not known for making waves yet: if you’re a Tier II company, or a fast-growth start-up, you need to hire the very best talent out there, right? Wrong. Hunting for the ‘best talent out there’ doesn’t really help your firm. What you should be looking for is the best talent for your organisation, your situation, and your business aspirations.