With great Growth Comes Great Responsibility!

The last year-and-a-half have been the most amazing roller-coaster ride for IDfy. We have grown from 20 people to about 150 at the moment. We continue to grow, and expect to hit the 200 people benchmark within the next 2 months. While we have grown significantly, we have tried to retain the start-up ethos. What that means is that we learn, implement, and change quickly, but most importantly, we listen. We listen to our customers and our employees, as well as our partners.

Informatics, the future of HR

I remember one of my customer meetings last month quite vividly. It was with the HR General Manager of a multi-national manufacturing company. Perhaps one of the most affable people I have met, he spoke at length about his experience managing HR in different companies and interspersed his speech with lively anecdotes and his opinion about the changing role of HR. “HR owes its origin to Industrial Relations” he began. The nature of the workforce has, obviously, changed a lot since the Industrial Revolution, but it is not difficult to imagine that about a hundred and fifty years back in Victorian England, there might have been a clique of managers specialising in dealing with workers in coalmines or shipyards.

Digging Deeper

The month of May can be cruel – it’s the peak of summer in most parts of India, and being out for even a few minutes in the sun can be gruelling. But the weather isn’t the only thing you should watch out for in May. If you’re a recruiter, you should be paying extra-close attention to the ‘Experience’ section of resumes that candidates hand over to you.