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IDfy’s Face Compare API ensures that the documents provided to you belong to the individuals you expect them to. Automate workflows by eliminating the need to manually eyeball and compare faces across multiple documents and selfies.


IDfy’s face compare API takes two images as inputs and returns a match score to help you take decisions faster.


Pair it with IDfy’s Liveness APIs to have complete confidence that the selfie of the individual is indeed live, and belongs to the same individual as you expect.

Face Compare for Individuals

Automate workflows

Remove the need to manually reconcile face images between multiple sources


Tackle fraud at source

Eliminate fraudulent individuals during the onboarding proces


Eliminate manual error

Comparing faces manually is subjective and tricky. Allow a smart algorithm to do it for you!

Unlocking value for global leaders

How it works

Provide two images (best used between document & selfie) as input, and we’ll provide you with a match score.

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Match percentage between 0 to 100

Unlocking value for global leaders

Where you can use it

Identity proof of

A PAN card is used across the country as an identity proof. Wow your customers by auto-filling their identity details in onboarding forms. The use cases can span across bank account opening, lending journeys, gaming journeys, blue collar/ white collar/ grey collar employee onboarding, insurance journeys, etc.

Establishment proof for merchants/ entities

Every entity/ merchant in India requires to have a PAN card, and their PAN card can be used as a proof of establishment. Wow your merchants by enabling them to instantly pre-fill their onboarding forms by using IDfy’s PAN OCR solutions. Use cases can span across account opening, lending and insurance journeys, store onboarding, etc.




Verification only requires two inputs - the images to be compared



TAT of the API is very low, enabling real time authentication

Quick integration

API structure is straightforward, enabling super quick integrations

A one-time, hassle free integration

Our industry-leading API easily integrates with your existing workflows and processes.

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