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How to onboard merchants in 2 minutes

IDfy’s solutions help Indonesian FinTech’s, ecommerce and new economy companies onboard merchants quickly by digitizing and checking all business documents.

Onboarding merchants for Indonesian Leaders

IDfy customers
IDfy customers

Issues with manual onboarding

Slow and painful for merchants

Expensive for your company

Loss of potential partners

Unsafe for all the parties involved

Loss of company profits

How we help you

Instant digital onboarding for merchants

Reduce the cost of process by 90%

Decrease the number of merchants lost during onboarding


Protect the company from identity frauds

Time-stamped audit reports

We accept all Indonesian documents

Owner/Director’s ID Card (KTP/ KITAS/ Passport)

Owner/Director’s Tax ID Card (NPWP)

Business Registration Documents (NIB/ TDP/ SIUP)

Deed of Latest Change (Akta Perusahaan Terbaru)

Ministerial Ratification (SK Menkeh)

Foundation License (TDY)

Other business-specific license

Bank Statements

How our solution works

Play Video about Background Verification
Play Video about Background Verification

What our clients say

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