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Instant KYC & AML solutions to prevent business fraud in the Philippines

IDfy’s solutions help prevent identity fraud and money laundering at Filipino FinTechs, e-commerce and new economy companies.

Preventing fraud & money laundering for Filipino leaders

Issues with current KYC verification

Slow and painful for merchants

Expensive for your company

Loss of potential partners

Unsafe for all the parties involved

Loss of company profits

How we help you

Prevent fraud in business

Reduce customer drop-offs

Prevent loss of funds

Automate KYC verification

Comply with regulations

We accept all Filipino documents

Owner/Director’s Filipino ID (SSS/ UMID)

Owner/Director’s Voter ID Card

Owner/Director's Driving License

Owner/Director's TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number)

SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)

DTI (Department of Trade and Industry)

Articles of Incorporation

Bank Statements

How our solution works

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Play Video about Background Verification

What our clients say

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