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Udyog Aadhaar OCR

IDfy’s Udyog Aadhaar OCR API allows you to onboard your merchants with speed and precision. Enable them to pre-fill their onboarding forms, by letting them upload or scan their Udyog Aadhaar certificates – IDfy will digitise the contents!


When paired with IDfy’s Udyog Aadhaar Verification API, you can make your onboarding journey seamless and instant, by onboarding customers using just their Udyog Aadhaar certificate – IDfy will handle both digitization and verification, enabling you to get it right first time!


Reduce friction

Wow your customers with autofilled onboarding forms

Lower your onboarding costs

Minimise costs

Lower your onboarding costs by getting it right the first time


Onboard faster

Minimize time spent in manual form-filling

Unlocking value for global leaders

How it works

Provide an Udyog Aadhaar certificate image as input, and we’ll digitise the following data points for you.

Name on certificate
Aadhaar number
Address of establishment & district
Enterprise type

Unlocking value for global leaders

Where you can use it

Merchant lending

In order for lending companies to confidently lend to MSME merchants/ entities, the Udyog Aadhaar OCR API helps you to wow your customers by auto-filling entity, address, and other identity details in their onboarding forms.

Proof of establishment

In order for e-commerce or aggregator companies to confidently onboard MSME merchants or entities on their platform, the Udyog Aadhaar OCR API helps provide them the faith that the merchant is not a fraudulent entity.



IDfy’s OCR models are extremely accurate



Verification only requires one input - the Udyog Aadhaar image



TAT of the API is very low, enabling real time digitisation

Quick integration

API structure is straightforward, enabling super quick integrations

A one-time, hassle free integration

Our industry-leading API easily integrates with your existing workflows and processes.

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