Blog Overview 2.5x Increase in Lead Conversions with Zero Touch Onboarding

2.5x Increase in Lead Conversions with Zero Touch Onboarding

2.5x Increase in Lead Conversions with Zero Touch Onboarding

We onboarded 45,000 delivery executives for our client in one month. We more than doubled conversion rates and tripled agent efficiency while doing so. This is the inside story of how we did it.

We were still grappling with the sudden shift to remote working when our client – an e-commerce major – announced a massive nationwide recruitment drive for delivery executives.It’s not the first time we were taking charge of a multi-city mass onboarding. This time, though, there was a new challenge. The nation was still under lockdown. There would be no onboarding centre and its tried-and-tested process.

It was time to bring into life IDfy’s Zero Touch Onboarding (ZTO).

Meeting Demand with Safety

Onboarding delivery executives is a tug of war between two opposing forces. Both equally important.

There’s pressure of achieving hiring targets. At the same time, there can be no mistakes – especially of the kind that can put the company’s customers at risk. One needs to push the candidate through the process fast, yet leave no stone unturned in their background and criminal records check.

IDfy takes Total Ownership of the Onboarding process.

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ZTO makes Onboarding Contactless and Efficient

ZTO allows the candidate to submit their documents and pictures on a website.

The candidate then connects to a live video call with an agent during which the documents are verified, the candidate’s picture is matched and the location recorded.

(We offer two types of video journeys. Self-serve and Live-agent.)

Our ZTO Gateway is at the heart of the process. It is a single pipe that provides access to all our products spread across our three major platforms  Video KYC Platform Verification APIs Authentication Engine.

Once everything is verified, the candidate is sent to an external app for training.

In parallel, the candidate’s details are sent to the Background Verification team that runs checks across online court records and police records. The field investigation team makes a field visit to verify the candidate’s residential address.

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Data-driven Live Queue Management

Our Project Management Office (PMO) tracks live stats on the Data Studio dashboard.

This live data is used to keep queue lengths shorter than 2 minutes and video call times lesser than 3 minutes.

The PMO uses the data to dynamically manage queues and the funnel, fill off-peak hours through outbound calling, and juggle agents between inbound and outbound depending on traffic.

The PMO monitors the funnel, looking for places where candidates are dropping off. Problems are identified and solved rapidly.

Live monitoring of agent stats helps us spot lower performing agents, identify reasons, and resolve them to improve everybody’s efficiency.

Process-driven Remote Operations

It’s important to remember that this remote operation was being operated by a team also working remotely. The baton is being passed between different teams, each playing a unique role. People are also switching teams as required.

This operation with several moving parts runs smoothly only by following standards and processes perfected over time, implemented by trained and motivated individuals.

Here are 4 key success factors that will help you see these kind of results.

  1. Keep the video call duration short. You may want to look at your flow, identify things that can be completed outside of the call, keep only the absolute essential on the live video call.
  2. Keep your queue length shorter than 2-3 minutes by dynamically managing agents between queues.
  3. Identify where leads are dropping off and fix those. Reduce number of pages and remove detailed form entry. Instead, allow for upload of documents.
  4. Keep a close eye on agent stats, identify low performers, investigate reasons and resolve them. This will improve overall efficiency as some problems might have been common.

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