Blog Overview Chronicles 4 onboarding tools to build a next-generation field force

4 onboarding tools to build a next-generation field force

4 onboarding tools to build a next-generation field force

Onboarding a next-generation field force involves a great deal of investment in time and resources. But is your investment going in the right direction? 

Most companies leave no stone unturned when hiring field force personnel. From verifying education qualifications to past performances and accurate identity verifications, companies check all relevant credentials to ensure that the candidate is the right person to carry their brand and values. 

Recent events and circumstances have led to serious challenges in background verifications and onboarding. Manual processes with physical document collection and paperwork are now difficult and causing massive delays. But businesses need to continue ramping up their field force operations. The result is either delayed hiring or hiring with insufficient background checks. Given that both can cause serious damage to business and reputation, this is like choosing between the devil and the deep sea.

Is your offer-to-onboarding process right for the ‘new normal’? 

Here’s what you can do – leverage cutting-edge technology solutions to ensure you’re hiring the right field force offering them the best possible onboarding experience.

Here are 4 tools every recruiter should have up their sleeve to build a next-gen field force:

Forget manual and go digital with zero touch onboarding.

IDfy’s Zero Touch Onboarding solution is a one-stop solution for onboarding the next-generation field force. Application reviews, ID checks, digital address verifications, FaceMatch, training and onboarding formalities, the platform helps complete the entire process in one smooth flow.  

Bid goodbye to hard copies – collect documents digitally, process them digitally, and get audit ready reports.

Do away with your files and paperwork and move towards a reliable repository in the form digital documentation, live dashboard, and audit-ready reports. All documents are collated, stored digitally, and always available for reference.

Speed up recruitment with early good to hire reports. 

Many times the business simply cannot wait for complete BGV reports. Early good-to-hire reports provide an early assessment on several parameters reducing the risk of a new hire. This way you can onboard a candidate early knowing that the risk of a negative BGV report is negligible. 

Up your employer branding game – convert all your offers with a better onboarding experience.

What says ‘welcome onboard’ like nothing else? An onboarding process that is friendly, smooth, and hassle-free. A seamless and fully automated digital onboarding system – a solution that doesn’t need your new hire to go hunting for printers and scanners, because it’s all in one application – and most importantly paperless!

A simple shift in approach guarantees a better and safer experience – the decision to move from obsolescence to relevance.

IDfy helps healthcare, pharmaceutical, e-commerce, and retail companies onboard people safely and securely through digital onboarding and background verification solutions.

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