Blog Overview Are API’s in BGV just a fad or the ultimate future?

Are API’s in BGV just a fad or the ultimate future?

Are API’s in BGV just a fad or the ultimate future?

How does ‘pineapple on pizza’ sound to you? Weird or great?  

I felt something similar when I first heard of HR professionals asking for APIs. It sounds interesting but we’re simply not used to that combo.

On recent demo calls with our BGV sales folks, I have heard some HRs ask for ‘API-led’ BGV solutions. Except, APIs are more about facilitating the solution than leading one. Here’s how.  

An API or ‘Application Programming Interface’ is a tool that helps two digital systems interact with each other. For example, APIs bridge the gap between a photo of a PAN card and the verification authority. There’s no manual intervention needed. The checks happen instantly. APIs might just be the future of BGV we are looking for.

However, it’s not absolutely new. 

Your BGV vendor must already be using APIs to speed up their operations. There’s no promise of a quick turnaround time without using background check api integration.

I’ve listed some of them below.

  • ID checks using PAN, Aadhaar, Driver’s license, Voter ID, and Passport just take one click of the ID and upload, and voila! You get a confirmation from the official database. 

  • Instant EPFO as a part of pre-onboarding can verify your candidate’s employment details like company name, salary bracket, start/end date, etc.  

  • User authentication APIs prevent impersonation by verifying a candidate’s name, image, and signature across two sources—one from the time of the interview and the other from the day of joining. Face match APIs compare across the interviewer and the actual joiner. 

  • Crime check is the latest API where you can find out if an individual has had a criminal case, civil case or even an FIR lodged against them. This is surely a risk an employer does not want to ignore. 

The possibilities are endless. They will be our competitive advantage against the new-age fraud types that show up.

But, the power of APIs is still limited.

For example, APIs from Digilocker that facilitate education checks produce very limited results. Reference checks still require manual outreach and human-driven activity.

What do you think? Will background check api integration drive the future of BGV? 


What our data says

background check api integration

Cases, where candidates lie about their past employment, are increasing by the day. Besides, forged documents are one of the primary reasons for a red flag in an employment check.

But, using an API-based EPFO check you can instantly detect such fraud. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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On a lighter note

IDfy jokes

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