Blog Overview Behind the scenes: Employee Criminal record checks

Behind the scenes: Employee Criminal record checks

Behind the scenes: Employee Criminal record checks

Your company has endured struggles- the pandemic, economic/market dip, and whatnot! Your team has worked hard to structure the company you’re now in. The least you want to happen is for some misidentified employee to cause damage to what you’ve built with such dedication!

Therefore, checking a candidate’s background before hiring is a necessity today, so no sensitive data gets out or is misused. One critical check for background verification is the court records checks.

Considering that 78% of job seekers lie during the hiring process, according to an article by CNBC, you cannot risk hiring a felon!

What is a criminal court records check?

A part of the comprehensive background verification, court record checks are conducted before hiring a candidate. 

While online criminal record checks in India hasten the process, do note that the online court records are not accepted as official records of the court. They are provided for informational purposes and are subject to error or omission.

What do criminal court record checks reveal?

Court record checks reveal the legal history, if applicable, of the candidate. This can be:

  • Criminal

Court records are not available to the general public. If one requests, the state criminal history system uses a confirmed biometric identifier (fingerprints) to run such reports for activities within the state. They may charge for the same too. The process is executed by the state police or the state criminal history system.

  • Civil

Civil cases or conflicts pertaining to the candidate may also show up during the background check. These records are released by courts available in the public domain.

Why criminal court checks are necessary for complete employee background verification process:

  • Safe, professional environment

All organizations have a legal obligation to create a safe workplace for employees, vendors, and clients. Online Criminal record checks in India gives employers a chance of attaining the above goal. It also prevents the risk of physical or emotional harm and is a preventive measure to curb mishaps.

  • Hire quality employees

Employees with past criminal records may show negligence towards the ethos of the company and following norms. This, in turn, impacts the team’s work and organizational productivity. 

  • Save legal hassles & reputation

Running court records checks saves you the loss of dealing with a toxic hire, which can lead to legal hassles. Hiring candidates with a clean past ensures productive behaviour and a seamless experience for all. 

Challenges faced with criminal court record checks:

While court record checks are an integral part of the employee background verification process for the Human Resources department, there are some challenges:

  • Lack of technical expertise

According to SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), 69% of organizations conduct criminal records checks of candidates. However, the Human Resources team often lacks the legal expertise and knowledge to process this.

  • Longer lead times

The entire process of court record checks is lengthy and time-consuming. This prolongs the hiring process and conversions of candidates to employees. Often, quality candidates don’t wait so long and find other jobs.

  • Huge costs involved

Organizations do not follow a set pattern or time of year to hire. As a result, potential employees are hired only to be fired later when their criminal background checks may show otherwise. 

Court records check involves litigation searches across court records for cases of civil or criminal cases. Data released by courts in the public domain include:

  • District Civil Courts & Tribunals
  • High Courts
  • Supreme Court
  • Magistrate Court
  • District Court
  • State Courts

How can IDfy help?

With IDfy’s solutions, you can get accurate and reliable information about the educational claims made by your candidates. IDfy also helps with the complete background verification process.

To ensure you an easy & trouble-free hiring, IDfy will do the complete court record check that includes: 

  1. PAN India Court check
  2. Identifies if a retailer was involved in a criminal case
  3. Court check can be completed in 24-48hrs
  4. Integrated with 3000+courts, with no manual bias
  5. Current capacity to run 2000+ court checks every day
  6. Verified 1.5L Court checks with 99% Green (No Criminal Records)
  7. Average TAT of 2 days
IDfy Deliverables How we do it
A written report based on criminal court records from Indian courts. 
  • Indian criminal/ Civil (if required) law courts’ records scrutinized by our system and a follow-up check by IDfy’s trained agents.
  • The assessment is further ratified by a qualified in-house lawyer (Optional)
  • If both- permanent & current address- are to be checked, then they will constitute two separate checks.
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