Blog Overview Court records checks | 3 major challenges faced by HR

Court records checks | 3 major challenges faced by HR

Court records checks | 3 major challenges faced by HR

Court records checks have revealed a 75% failure rate of candidates in some parts of India.

Off late, Court Records Checks have become an integral part of the employee background verification process. Comprehensive background verification is the first step to creating a safe workplace environment.

Many organizations prefer to do this themselves simply because of the lack of solutions in the market. But can you imagine carrying out a full criminal record check for every potential employee by a handful of people from Human Resources?

Yes, let’s admit it. It is a task of enormous proportions!

Here are 3 major challenges with court records checks that companies can relate with

Lack of technical expertise

In most organizations, the onus of verifying criminal history is on Human Resources. However, the HR staff does not need to know the process inside out – they may not have the legal knowledge required for this process either. In such cases, organizations face the constant threat of hiring a troublemaker.

Longer lead times

With lack of expertise comes a longer wait. Checking the criminal history of a potential hire requires patience and attention to detail – mainly because this has been a manual process throughout. Human Resources has a hundred other tasks on their plate and checking court records of a candidate is put on the back burner at most times.

Huge cost involved

Organizations do not follow a set pattern or time of year to hire, and HR is required to fill open positions as and when there’s a requirement. For example, you may hire 1 person today and 10 people next week. But the problem is that you can’t put off criminal history checks until there is a population to justify the cost involved. Therefore, organizations end up spending the same amount of money on performing court records checks – be it for 1 candidate or 10. 

Criminal records verification including court records checks is an integral part of IDfy’s Employee Background Verification solution.

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