Blog Overview Background verification, Onboarding Employee onboarding in BPO | Challenges faced by the the industry

Employee onboarding in BPO | Challenges faced by the the industry

Employee onboarding in BPO | Challenges faced by the the industry

India’s emergence as a global outsourcing hub sheds light on the contribution of the BPO industry in terms of development and innovation. The abundance of skilled talent has been a captivating factor for companies which are responsible for placing our country on the map and making it a  major outsourcing destination. However, there are many challenges involved in employee onboarding in BPO industry.

Isn’t it important to provide a flawless onboarding experience to the workforce that is likely to determine the future of outsourcing ? 

Of Course it is !

Thus it is substantial for the HR team and the respective managers of any organization to ensure smooth onboarding of the new hire but there are significant roadblocks to this process.

Here are some major employee onboarding challenges for the BPO industry

1.Prolonged Process

Onboarding is a long drawn process. Processing the documents of numerous candidates within a short period of time is almost impossible in the traditional method of submitting, collecting and verifying the necessary documents and records. Thus tentative lags are caused in the process which may lead to job hopping by potential employees.

2.Compiling Documentation

The post interview process of collecting relevant documents from candidates and maintaining a repository of the same becomes a tedious task for BPOs. On the other hand, the absence of a concrete solution to maintain documentation of potential employees can lead to lapse in HR audit trails.

3.High Employee Turnover

High attrition rate is one of the major challenges of the BPO industry. This predicament demands frequent hiring and thus frequent onboarding which is a time consuming process. As a result, it leads to loss of time, resources and efforts.

Go Digital With our Zero Touch Onboarding solution 

IDfy’s Zero Touch Onboarding is a one-stop solution for the entire offer to the onboarding process. From application reviews and ID proof verification to training and onboarding formalities, it covers all the bases.  

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