Blog Overview “I like to settle cash daily. Not weekly.” – Swiggy/Zomato seller

“I like to settle cash daily. Not weekly.” – Swiggy/Zomato seller

“I like to settle cash daily. Not weekly.” – Swiggy/Zomato seller

Ranjhana runs a vegetable shop in a prime location at the Juhu market. Mumbai. She accepts home delivery orders on the phone. But she isn’t on any e-commerce app yet. Find out why.

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Ranjhana runs a vegetable shop in Mumbai’s upmarket suburb of Juhu.

She was almost born into the shop. Her parents had set this up when Juhu was just a tall grassland village near the beach. Juhu Market really built around it with hers the first shop entering from the west side.

Ranjhana works from 10 am to 9 pm. Her husband helps her out at the shop. Her kids are both settled abroad. She visits them regularly.

She has 8 suppliers from whom she gets her goods every morning. She buys what she can sell and she pays all the suppliers at the end of each day. She has no need for credit and has never owed anyone a penny all her life.

She accepts orders on the phone and has a helper to deliver the goods in the neighborhood.

She hasn’t gotten on to Swiggy, Zomato seller, or any other e-commerce platform yet. She says that many have approached her to get on to their platforms. But these platforms payout once a week and not every day. This, she says, doesn’t work for her as she likes to pay her suppliers every day.

She would, however, love to get on to digital payment methods like GPay and PayTM. She says they’ve all visited her and tried to enroll her on to them. But it just hasn’t worked out. It seems she needs to go to the bank and get some code or number for her to get digital payments going. The one time she did visit the Bank, there was some server issue due to which she couldn’t complete it. She really wants this going because customers many times do not have cash and ask for the option of digitally paying.

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