Blog Overview Chronicles The Intersector Vol. 5 – Aadhaar verification

The Intersector Vol. 5 – Aadhaar verification

The Intersector Vol. 5 – Aadhaar verification

Welcome to the 5th edition of my monthly newsletter. This one is about the offline Aadhaar woes…
At this point, the unpredictability of offline Aadhaar verification has become quite predictable.
If you use an XML-based journey to verify Aadhaar, you know what I’m talking about: the frequent errors with UIDAI’s servers. Perhaps a bit too frequent for our comfort I would say. And there are levels to it. Let me explain.
First, you have to contend with the UIDAI website itself being down. The journey can’t even begin. If it does function normally, the captcha mechanism starts throwing errors. Despite entering the correct digits. Now if your customers manage to get past this, their OTP gets rejected. Or worse, it doesn’t even get delivered in the first place.
Issues at all levels are sporadic in nature and happen at UIDAI’s end. There is not much that you and I can do about it. Except maybe raise the criticality of it to UIDAI.
However, it doesn’t mean you have to roll with it till it gets ironed out (if it does). For non-banking entities, XML-based verification is no longer the only available mechanism to verify an Aadhaar.
In case you aren’t aware, as per this RBI circular dated 10th May 2020, Digilocker-based Aadhaar verification is a 100% compliant mode of verification. It is available for use by all regulated entities, not just banks.
Let me also go ahead and address a frequently asked question: do customers need to have a Digilocker account for this? Short answer: no.
Long answer: an account is needed, but it can be created on the fly. From a customer’s point of view, the journey remains the EXACT same whether they have an account or not. Enter Aadhaar number, submit OTP, give consent to access documents, move on.
What’s more, a Digilocker journey is much more reliable compared to an offline Aadhaar. Digilocker website provides higher uptime, OTP delivery is consistently stable and its superior UI provides a better customer experience. 
So if offline Aadhaar woes are giving you persistent headaches, it might be worthwhile to consider this. To this end, we do have a Digilocker solution if you would like to explore.
It allows you to verify customers using a single API call as compared to 3 API calls in a typical Digilocker-based journey, making it rather cost-effective and easy to integrate.
Let me know if I can help you in any way.

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Your monthly roundup at IDfy

A couple of new releases and potent addition to our Video KYC platform.

Take your call center operations a notch up.

Improving video KYC conversions isn’t just about honing the software. Managing call center operations effectively is just as important a factor as any.

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One-stop shop for all things Passport

Our Passport OCR API now allows you to also extract the ‘file number’ from a user’s passport along with other details.

So how does it help you? With this, you can now build an end-to-end Passport verification journey with IDfy.

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On a lighter note

Sometimes I wish I could relate to fewer things…

Dilbert at IDfy

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