Blog Overview Chronicles The Intersector Vol. 2 – Identity fraud

The Intersector Vol. 2 – Identity fraud

The Intersector Vol. 2 – Identity fraud

Hi there,
Have you ever been asked to show your ID card upon being delivered a parcel? If yes, then kudos – you have first-hand experience of a brand new type of identity fraud
Earlier this month, a chain of fraudsters created fake driver accounts using stolen identities on ride-sharing and delivery service apps.
They wanted to exploit the referral bonuses offered on the apps. According to this report, they used “bots” and GPS “spoofing” technology to increase the income earned from these companies.
Bots? GPS spoofing?! They’re a dedicated lot, I’ll give them that. Still, their real ingenuity comes out in how they got their hands on those stolen ID cards:
“The co-conspirators obtained driver’s license images directly from victims, by photographing victims’ licenses while completing an alcohol delivery through one of the services or while exchanging information with victims following vehicle accidents, some of which co-conspirators intentionally caused in order to obtain victims’ license information.”
I can’t recall how many times I may have let delivery men take pictures of my ID card. And using accidents to steal IDs? That’s… desperate, more than anything.
They then replaced images of victims on the licences with theirs and managed to circumvent the facial recognition technology that the companies were using. Baffling, right? Anyway, the good part is they did get caught – albeit a bit too late for our comfort.
I guess no job is easy – and least of all of those who are responsible for preventing such sophisticated identity fraud.
With this, let’s dive into what we have in store for you this month.

Sprint turned marathon

Last month, I talked about how we’re continuously launching new APIs to help you detect fraud better. Here’s another checkpoint in our journey, do let us know if this interests you.

IDfy's APIs


Hot takes

The RBI recently unveiled the Account Aggregator (AA) framework – a data-sharing system which could revolutionise credit for millions of Indian individuals and businesses.
“It is going to become super easy to be able to reach the absolute last Indian – be it the kirana store, the street vendor, or a 28-year-old in a remote part of India.” MD, Sequoia India.
Big promises! So while this takes off, here’s a resource to help you understand all about it.

He said/ she said

Onboarding Journey - Identity Fraud

Fair to say that this move has been received particularly well by the industry.
Here’s an article that explains how it will ease the MSME lending process.

Your monthly roundup at IDfy

Saving you from WFH blushes
How often do your video KYC agents struggle to find the right spot for their calls? Or, how often do they use banners to make up for an office like background?
The KYC might be virtual, but the embarrassment is real. That’s why…
   IDfy's Video KYC
To help your agents maintain a professional setting – even on video.

Rule-based Call Assignment

You can now personalise the Video KYC experience of your customers even further. This feature enables you to assign agents for video calls based on a predefined set of rules or skill sets.

Video KYC - Identity Fraud newsletter

Connect your customers to the right agents – always.


Digilocker Based Journeys

You can now verify customers by fetching their documents directly from Digilocker.
And in case you’re wondering, your customers need not have an existing account on Digilocker for you to access their documents.
Document Verification for Identity fraud
Let us know if you’d like to know how it works.


Self-video: Retry Mode

This one will significantly boost your conversions if you use a ‘self-video’ journey to assess liveness of your customers.
It detects in realtime if a customer has performed a task correctly or not, like reading digits out loud.
Face Liveliness - Identity Fraud
In case you’d like to see how it works, here’s a video.

On a lighter note

The toll of still working from home..

IDfy's Dilbert







We help companies like yours prevent identity fraud and engage with the genuine in a frictionless manner.

Do get in touch with us at if this is something we can help you with.


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