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Marksheet Verification – How You Can Avoid Hiring Fraudsters

Marksheet Verification – How You Can Avoid Hiring Fraudsters

We all love having a competitive advantage in the cut-throat job market. Many of us go to great lengths to stand out from the crowd to employers. But how far is too far?


Fake Degree Certificates: A Menace

178 certificates from Madurai Kamaraj University.  

23 certificates from the University of Madras.

29 certificates from Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan University. 

44 certificates from Swami Vivekanand University. 

And the kicker, 

36,000 degrees from Manav Bharti University (over 11 years).  

They were all found to be fake degree certificates through police investigations. As recently as June 2022, two in West Bengal were seized for generating fake degree certificates for over 80 courses across 108 universities across the country. Evidently, the issue is rampant.


The Risk Is Real

In a competitive job market, candidates naturally desire to have an edge over the others. Many go to great lengths to stand out from the crowd to their prospective employers, including getting a fake degree. But as an employer, hiring people with fake degrees can hurt the business and the reputation of your company. This is where marksheet verification check comes in handy. 

Recently, due to the limitations that the COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to, there is an increasing number of students and professionals taking up online courses and diplomas. As an employer, you need to confirm the legitimacy of these courses and diplomas before hiring the candidate to mitigate the risk of hiring someone who is not qualified for the job.

Reasons to conduct a Marksheet Verification for your employees/candidates

  1. Identifying Education and Job Requirement gapsConducting a mark sheet verification of your employees or the candidates that have applied for a job at your organization reveals details about the subjects taken up by them and their relevance to the role. 
  2. Reviewing Foreign Degrees – Students often go to foreign educational institutions. The authenticity and relevance of these institutes and the degrees they provide need to be verified.
  3. Save yourself from fraud – A mark sheet verification would confirm whether a candidate’s education degree is legitimate. 
  4. Save resources during the hiring processIf the education verification shows any discrepancies, you can then move on to further investigation into the person’s past. If you find that the person has a criminal past or has assumed a false identity, you can reject or dismiss the applicant. This would save your company a lot of time, money, embarrassment, and even lawsuits in the future. 


Hence, conducting thorough education checks is essential. You can read more about why education checks are so important in background verifications here.

What is verified in education checks?

The following things are verified in an education check: 

  1. Name of the candidate 
  2. Candidate’s registration number in the institute they received their degree certificate from 
  3. Course details of the candidate’
  4. Candidate’s year of passing 
  5. Candidate’s status of graduation 
  6. The Status of the University/Institute that the candidate received their degree certificate from  – whether it is declared fake by any regulatory bodies.


The process of Marksheet Verification and its problems

Companies conduct marksheet verification through third-party verification services. How do these services work?

They have an on-fleet crew that performs the verification physically. They cross-check the degree certificate submitted by the candidate with the University’s database. If the candidate’s details aren’t found in the database, then they check with the dean if the record has gone missing or if the candidate has actually attended the University. In the latter case, the candidate is marked as a red case. 

This can be a lengthy, time-consuming process. In some cases, it can even take up to 25 days. The process can be even more challenging if the University is located in the interiors. 

How IDfy can help 

IDfy has a database of 400+ fake universities across the globe which gets updated each year. You can access all the universities found to be fake in one place here.

To know more about it, please write to shivani@idfy.

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