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What you ought to know about employment verification

What you ought to know about employment verification

Can you trust resumes completely? The answer is obvious: you cannot.

While resumes are a great way to understand a candidate’s past experiences, it’s not always reliable. So, how do you make sure you hire authentic employees when you cannot trust their resumes?

The answer is- Employee Background Verification. In this blog, you’ll know all there’s to know about employment verification.

What is employment verification?

In employee/employment verification, an employer verifies the employment history of a candidate. Employment Verification prevents fraudulent candidates from faking work experience.

What does an employment verification process include?

Usually, the employers verify job titles and start and end dates for each job. The check may also include checking the salary and job duties. In some cases, the reason for termination and whether the candidate is good for rehire.

Employment verification can also entail:

Proof of employment letter

Proof of employment letter or PoE letter confirms the current or former employee’s relationship with the company. It includes:

  • Employer’s business name 
  • Employer’s address (with company letterhead)
  • Current or former employee’s job title
  • Dates the current or former staff member was employed
  • List of the employee’s responsibilities


Payslips or pay stubs include a record of an employee’s past income from an employer. Employers ask for payslips to know your genuine past pay & offer a tentative package based on it.


A reference describes the employee’s role within a company along with performance. The past manager or colleagues vouch for the credibility of the employee.

Contracts and agreements

These documents prove an employee’s relationship with a company and confirm that the employee accepted a job offer. But, this verification method may lack proof since it’s only a piece of paper.

All in all, Employment Check verifies the candidate’s employment history to ensure proof of employment in the past.

Why should you do employment verification?

It’s normal for an employer to worry about the wrong portrayal of the candidate’s work experience. Or if the candidate misrepresents their past titles, achievements, or responsibilities. Such discrepancies come up in the background check, indicating that the candidate is dishonest.

Here are three reasons why every employer should run an Employment Check for their potential employees:

Bid goodbye to misfits

Candidates tend to provide misleading information about their employment history. Some do this to convince employers of their higher salary or qualifications. Such facts may include- concealing career gaps, false employment claims, and many more. These make the candidate a fit only on their resume and not in reality. 

Solve the compensation conundrum

It is common for employers to negotiate compensation with a potential employee. But, things can take a turn when candidates demand higher compensation based on exaggerated job titles on their resumes. This exaggeration is resume padding.

It is wise for every employer to verify the past employment history of the candidate to avoid legal hassles in the future.

Steer clear of fraudulent hires

Have you ever heard of fake companies? Yes, they exist. Candidates these days show fake companies in their resumes to prove they have relevant experience. 

For all you know, some candidates may have practised illegitimate business or malpractices in the past. 

Hiring such a candidate risks the company’s reputation and provides scope for malpractice. Opting for a thorough employment history check helps keep fraudulent hires away. 

How IDfy does employment verification?

Ideally, the candidates must give accurate employment history information, but they don’t. IDfy helps find discrepancies in the information provided by the candidate.

With IDfy, you can automate the complete bgv process, making it faster & glitch-free.

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