Detect fraudulent account sign-ups

Validate the email address of your users at sign-up and get a risk score to help you eliminate fraud up-front, inform risk models and build customised workflows | Email Validation API

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How our Email Validation API works

Provide an email address that you want to validate and get the following information as a result:

Email Validation API input


Check whether it is a disposable email ID or not

Likelihood of fraud

Check if it was associated with fraudulent behaviour in the past


Check if it was a part of any data breaches in the past


Find out when it was first seen on the internet


Determine if it is from a catch-all server. (i.e. is it a valid ID)

Risk score

Get an overall risk score associated with with the ID

How does it benefit you?

Prevent identity theft fraud

Identify authentic-looking fake identities by detecting email IDs associated with data breaches and fraudulent behaviour.

Enhance risk management

Refine risk models based on understanding which email providers and age brackets are more fraudulent than others.

Customise workflows

Build segmented workflows based on the risk score and enforce higher scrutiny on risky users.

Instant response

Get response on 10+ parameters of an email address in less than a second

Our clients love us

“The checks & verifications built in IDfy's platform help us identify and prevent fraud at source to a large extent.”
Kirti Patil
Chief Technology Officer
"With IDfy, we went from onboarding 0% to 100% of our customers digitally for our small-ticket loans business."
Sameer Jadhav
Vice President
"We are happy to partner with IDfy at a time when we are re-imagining the future of the industry."
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Arvind Ronta
Product Head (India & SEA)

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