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IDfy’s RC Card OCR API enables your customers to autofill vehicle related details in their forms with speed and precision. Just ask for an image of their RC card, and IDfy will digitize the document for you!


When paired with IDfy’s RC Verification API, you can make your onboarding journey seamless, instant, and safe – IDfy will handle both digitisation and verification, enabling you to onboard with confidence and minimise frauds.


Reduce friction

Wow your customers with autofilled onboarding forms

Wide coverage- RC card

Wide coverage

We cover RC cards from all states


Onboard faster

Minimize time spent in manual form-filling

Unlocking value for global leaders

How it works

Provide an RC card image as input, and we’ll digitise the following data points for you.

RC card OCR_input2
Vehicle's registration number, manufacturer & model
Owner's name, address and registration date
Body type, engine & chassis number and fuel type
RTO and state

Unlocking value for global leaders

Where you can use it

Vehicle insurance

While purchasing vehicle insurance, wow your customers by auto-filling forms with the vehicle details by just scanning a picture of their RC card. Club the output with any other identity card to establish a link between the vehicle and the owner.

Vehicle identity proof

While onboarding delivery executives or drivers who have their own vehicles on your platform, enable your partners to easily onboard their vehicles on your platform by using IDfy’s RC OCR API.



IDfy’s OCR models are extremely accurate



Verification only requires one input - the RC card image



TAT of the API is very low, enabling real time digitisation

Quick integration

API structure is straightforward, enabling super quick integrations

A one-time, hassle free integration

Our industry-leading API easily integrates with your existing workflows and processes.

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