The Team

The Team

Kaushik Shah

#ExGod #Explorer
#BlackBelt #CSA

Kaushik is one of IDfy’s original team members joining the company at its inception. He designed and built IDfy’s Background Verification system from scratch. He ran the Technology function till 2019, turning his attention towards architecting IDfy’s solutions for the next phase of growth.
Prior to joining IDfy, Kaushik had co-founded an EdTech and Healthcare startup. He’s also worked at Tech Mahindra where he was re-architecting mission critical systems for British Telecom.
Kaushik is passionate about using technology for social change. At IDfy he is regarded as a mentor by many and as a friend by everyone.
Claim to Fame
Karate Champ
His favourite book is…

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Hobbies & Personal Interests

– Trip Hop & Celtic Music
– Western Classical Music
– Reading Satire
– Playing Tennis