Blog Overview Oops – my green case just turned red – Infinity checks

Oops – my green case just turned red – Infinity checks

Oops – my green case just turned red – Infinity checks

Imagine a normal Monday morning.

A mug of coffee on your desk as you prepare to work through your inbox, alt-tabbing with your calendar. There are interviews to be scheduled, offers letters to be sent, and a few onboarding verification checks to be initiated.

You notice a slight commotion in the office and look up to see the Head of Security walking towards you… with the police in tow. The procession stops at your desk and you’re ushered into a conference room.


Baffled, and a bit concerned, you gather your thoughts and take a seat.

As the door shuts and you’re about to ask the obvious question for an explanation, the CEO walks in, followed by the Head of Compliance and the Chief Counsel. The congregation looks on ominously and the Head of Security finally breaks the silence.

In the next few minutes, you learn that one of the company’s star engineers had been booked for a serious crime and the police were following a lookout notice on him. “How’s that possible?”, you ask. You remember having personally signed off a positive background verification on that employee barely a year ago. How did it come to this?

As the gears in your head churn, the penny drops. Your star engineer was clean when he joined, but there was nothing to say that he would continue to be so in the future too. Every mutual fund disclaimer of “past performance not being an indicator of future returns” comes rushing back to you. It appears that the disclaimer is equally applicable to your employees.

Turns out that there is a solution, and it’s called ‘Infinity Checks’.

These infinity checks are much quicker to perform and far less expensive than the normal background verification checks. This means that you could run these on your employees on a continual basis without exceeding your budget and have the results back quicker.
For instance, this Ex-HR manager onboarded a fictitious employee, while providing their own bank details to draw a double salary. In order to prevent this from happening you could run something called the “Penny Drop” to identify a bank account that is being fraudulently credited.

Similarly, if an employee takes up another job while being simultaneously employed with your company, a check on the Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) database would immediately reveal the double payroll the individual might be drawing.

Finally, as a remedy for your current situation, infinity checks could reveal any new entry in the digital criminal record check. Thereby alerting you so you could act against such an employee before it becomes an embarrassment to you and the organisation.

Some nightmares can turn out to be such a powerful wake-up call.

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