Blog Overview The Unfunny Side of fake photos

The Unfunny Side of fake photos

The Unfunny Side of fake photos

The unfunny side of fake imagesWe have news for you. Fake photos sure make a good meme, but not everybody loves it.As businesses continue their digital drive and digital documentation becomes more the norm than the exception, we are witnessing an exponential rise in the number of people with great photo editing skills and low morals.Image tampering is fast becoming one of the most common forms of fraud when it comes to applying for loans and jobs. IDfy’s internal data shows a 14% year-on-year increase in the number of fake images detected. And this could be just the tip of the iceberg if we consider that tampering techniques are improving even as we keep upgrading our detection techniques to catch them.

Here’s the three main types of image tampering we are seeing.

Retouching refers to changing elements of an image without removing stuff from it or adding stuff to it. Processes like resizing, stretching, rotating, changing colours etc. constitute retouching.

When an image is retouched for fraud, the intention is to make the viewer believe in a detail about the image that may not be true.


In image tampering terms, cloning is the art of copy-pasting parts of an image to another place on the same image. It can be successfully used to remove elements from a picture (e.g. copy-paste a patch of grass over a dog) or show more of the same element (e.g. copypaste the same dog in 3 different places on the image).

In the analogue world of images and movies, splicing referred to joining two pieces of film together. In the world of digital image forgery, it refers to a copy-paste job, that involves two or more images. Splicing has the power to create reality that never existed. Like Ronaldo stealing Messi’s wife.

Did he really?


Well, this gets a bit more serious if images are spliced to show damage on a car to claim insurance, or alter a degree certificate to change details, or insert a picture into an identity document to get a loan.

To know more about how you can protect your organisation from tampered/fake photos, click here.

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