The Team

The Team

Paritosh Desai

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Paritosh has over 20 years of experience leading product management function across the globe. He started his career in consulting – building tech strategies and implementing multi-year transformation projects across multiple industry segments – Telecom, Retail, Insurance and Financial Services with clients like Goldman Sachs, Allstate, Transworld, AXA, Alltel etc.

With a Masters in Design Methods from Institute of Design, Chicago and Masters in Environmental Engineering from Illinois Tech, Paritosh has been instrumental in shaping the startup eco-system for over 10 years.

Before joining IDfy in March 2020, Paritosh headed the product division at Ridlr, which was acquired by Ola. 


At IDfy, Paritosh played a crucial role in not just building the amazing product team but also in developing new product lines for IDfy.

Claim to Fame
An alumni of 15 educational institutions (Thankfully not because he was kicked out : P)
Hobbies & Personal Interests

– Biking
– Traveling