Accept Aadhaar Cards for KYC without Inviting a Fine

Our Data Masking API mask the Aadhaar Number in 5 seconds to make Aadhaar cards usable as Officially Valid Documents (OVDs)  

Aadhaar Masking API

The RBI's KYC Master Direction (updated May 29, 2019) now allows the Aadhaar card to be accepted as OVD as long as the Aadhaar number is concealed.


Our API-based solution accepts an Aadhaar ID card image and returns it with the first 8 digits masked. All in 5 seconds.


This image can be stored for your KYC records to become compliant with the latest regulations.

IDfy Aadhaar Masking Features

  • Easy to Integrate

    Easily integrable into your systems within one day

  • Precise and Accurate

    99.8% precision (Tested on a set of 1000 images)

  • Automated QA

    Machines re-check for correct and accurate masking

  • Real-time

    Response time less than 5 seconds

  • m-Aadhaar, full leaflet, scanned copy, and form with printed Aadhaar number

  • JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIFF, Base64

  • Images can be rotated at any angle for accurate masking

  • Trusted partner to banks, financials institutions, and fintechs

Supports all Aadhaar Formats

Supports all Image Formats

Rotated Images Supported


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IDfy Launches Aadhaar Masking: Economic Times

RBI's KYC Master Directions - Updated May 29, 2019



IDFy's Video KYC to Reduce Cost by 90%: Economic Times

“IDfy has launched a video KYC method to help service entities collect full user documentation through live video and reduce cost by more than 90%.”


IDfy is a Global Top 100 Company in Regulatory Technologies 

IDfy recognized as one of world’s top 100 most innovative companies in Regulatory Technologies (RegTech). 


Digital KYC reduces KYC cost by 85%

Digital KYC reduces the cost of KYC by 85%, slashes customer onboarding time from 4 days to 1, and helps organizations onboard customers from remote areas.

E-book: Aadhaar XML Verification 

The most authoritative and exhaustive 18-page ebook on Offline Aadhaar Verification using XML format, popularly known as Aadhaar XML.


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