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Bank Statement Analysis

IDfy’s Bank statement Analysis API works on an advanced AI / ML-based model that allows you to derive intelligent insights from a customer’s bank statement.

Tackle fraud at source

Identify if a customer’s uploaded bank statement is fraudulent

Summarize past activity

Identify the type of activities that have taken place over a period of time


Tech-driven detection

Detect any anomalies using advanced ML models trained for supreme activity detection

Unlocking value for global leaders

How it works

Provide a bank account statement, bank name, account type, password (optional) as input, and you’ll receive multiple data points that help you mitigate onboarding risk.

bank account analysis
Customer and bank account details
Income per month
Opening and closing balances per month
Fraud analytics
Advanced insights

Unlocking value for global leaders

Where you can use it


Individual loan journeys

Bank statement analysis can be used during loan journeys when we want to verify if the income / investment details provided by the user match with what is available in the bank statement


Business loan journeys

When you want to verify and derive insights out of a bank statement about a business during business loan disbursement journeys



You are a payment aggregator and want to partner with a business, you can use this API to verify if the details provided by the potential partner are legitimate


99.97% Accurate


Instant results

99.9% uptime


Easy integration

A one-time, trouble-free integration

Our industry-leading API easily gets integrated with your existing workflows and processes.

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